Favourite styles

Progressive House / Tech House / Funky House / Trance

Selected recordings

Michele Cavalletto

Also known by the nickname "Kozic" own name Michal Koza comes from Hradec Kralove in the Czech Republic. On the Czech scene for more than 9 years. From the outset, develops dance music in all directions, which has affected him in the first steps behind the mixer. Over time perfecting mix and selection itself, from small clubs getting into larger and better known places and creates a foothold in showbiz DJ.

Besides his presentation, he has also brought other DJs younger generation, who are gradually gaining their positions in clubs. Among his players brought includes a very talented young man PAULI Gabriel, who is devoted mainly production and looms have a great future. Then the youths then Maton & products we already have in their young age create their own mashups and EDM sets called Turn It Up !! ELVIS MASLIC, which came out in cooperation with the Slovak producer Dean on a single label Active Melody Music. Dale went through his coaching eg. PAT Young, which forms DJs live in clusters PROJECT SAX and finally DJ Fill.

Where can you meet him